We create content that connects people to your
brand culture. We call it -- Culture content.

Our films communicate your unique story through a strong and authentic voice.


People watch. They understand. They believe.


Putting the Employee in Employer Branding

We had a chance to talk a bit with Doug Tetzner, the director of talent acquisition at Shopify, about employer branding while we were in San Diego.


We had a lot we wanted to say about Culture Content, but we also knew that we didn’t want our website filled with lots of words that no one would read.

Putting the Employee in Employer Branding
Getting People to Talk Like People.
Employee Engagement
Attention Span

2.1 What We've Done

Here are just a few of the ways in which we’ve helped organizations distill the essence of their culture and express it in a genuine, interesting and highly consumable format.

Project: Attracting Star Talent
Client: kCura

kCura is a Chicago-based software company competing with the likes of Google and Facebook for the tech-market’s top talent. To communicate everything they have to offer as an employer, kCura is using culture content, including one film that speaks directly to a specific talent pool - software developers.

Project: We Are Vandoren
Client: TA Design / Vandoren

Paris-based Vandoren and their ad agency TA Design commissioned a suite of culture content expressing what makes Vandoren's product and people so unique, and uniquely appealing to musicians.

Project: What does quality sound like?
Client: TA Design / Vandoren

Eddie Daniels and Jerry Vivino are two of the best horn players in the world. Turns out, they’re not bad interview subjects, either.

Project: Clients Speak Volumes
Client: kCura

Want to understand and articulate the value that your brand culture creates? Ask your customers. Customer testimonials demonstrate your ability to deliver and show your own team the power and impact of their actions.

Project: Face to Facebook
Client: kCura

kCura keeps in touch with new recruits by using social media. Real people sharing real stories about the company’s real culture. - every two weeks via Facebook. kCura’s ablity to land top talent is yielding real results.

Project: Quality, Quality, Quality
Client: TA Design / Vandoren

The most powerful and eloquent brand culture advocates often come from within. Putting the spotlight on employees taps into an unfiltered expression of how your brand culture manifests itself day-to-day.


3.1 How We Do It

We create suites of films that allow you to share your culture with the world via your company and careers websites, Facebook and other social media, recruiting events, organizational meetings and other channels.
Watch how it’s done.

4.1 Contact Us

The content that you use to market your culture should be as thoughtful and well-crafted as the content you use to market your brand. We can help. Let’s get started.
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